8th August 2014, Barentsburg, Svalbard


From 28th August until 1st September in Barentsburg (Russian settlement on Svalbard archipelago) will be held a festival of Russian music GRUMANT. The festival is like a musical kaleidoscope and, being diverse as Svalbard itself, will help you to discover a piece of inconceivable world – Svalbard. «GRUMANT» festival is held on the archipelago for the first time and has all the chances to become a traditional event for Svalbard. The festival is sponsored and arranged by Russian state trust Arcticugol and its subsidiary center for arctic tourism Grumant.

During several days talented Russian musicians (over 5 bands and 8 music projects) will play 15 concerts. You will come to know modern Russian bands Drolls, Ascetics, Tatiana Kalmikova and «Zhivaya Zemlya» (The Living Earth) project, Sergey Starostin and BarentsBurgBand. All the bands and projects have participated in a range of international and regional festivals of Northern music, and all their songs have routes in traditions of Northern melodies. They will perform different programs, from experimental music and rock to ethno, folk and jazz.

«GRUMANT» festival has an unusual format of music travel. The musicians will play in different places, both at the restaurants and Cultural and Sports Hall and outdoor – in Barentsburg squares and on cape Finneset. Beyond that, the concerts will “move” from one settlement to another. From Barentsburg the musicians will travel to the dormant mine and settlement Pyramiden and Norwegian Longyearbyen. Following the festival, the audience will travel to all the key places of archipelago listening to music and enjoying the views of mountains, glaciers and fjords of unique beauty.