Holiday season in Crimea

On the topic of incompetent publications recently appeared in the foreign media regarding the holiday season in the Crimea, we would like to draw attention to the real situation.

According to statistics, Crimea still remains one of the most popular and beloved resorts both for Russians and Ukrainians. The number of tourists has been rising year after year, also the number of foreign citizens visiting the peninsula is growing.

This year, almost 4 million tourists have visited the peninsula so far. This accounts for a 26.1 per cent increase, as compared to the previous year. Six million tourists are expected to vacation in Crimea before this year is out.

The average occupancy rate of health resorts and hotels on the Crimean peninsula is 75 per cent.

The number of tourists from Ukraine has been steadily increasing. The passenger flow through Ukrainian checkpoints has more than doubled this year and has reached 1.7 million tourists, as of August 1. Ukrainian tourists make up 15 per cent of the total number of tourists who visited the peninsula, up from 10 per cent in the previous year.

Transport performance is also high. As of today, Simferopol Airport has already received 3.5 million passengers, which accounted for a 5 per cent increase, as compared to the previous yearís record. These figures donít include the data for late August, September and October, the months when tourist activity is quite intense.