XIX World Youth and Students Festival
(2017, October, 14th-20th)

Welcome to the XIX World Youth and Students Festival in Russia!

XIX World Youth and Students Festival is to be held in Russia in 2017, October, 14th-20th.

In the entire history of the festival movementour country for the third time will host the largest international event in the field of youth cooperation. 2017 is the anniversary year for the festival (the first was held in 1947),and what is even more important for us is that it will be 60 years since we hosted the Festival for the first time in 1957.

The Festival is organized by the World Federation of Democratic Youth together with the National Youth Council of Russia and the Association of Volunteers centers, and is supported by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs of Russia.

The Festival will start in Moscow with the parade in the Red Square. All the main events will unfold in the territory of the modern Olympic Parkin Sochi.These facilities were builtespecially for the XXII Winter Olympic Games and XI Paralympic Games.

The main topics of the Festival are culture and globalization, global economy, knowledge economy, development of public institutions, politics and international security. The program of the Festival will include conferences, seminars, discussions, sport competitions as well as a wide range of amazing cultural arrangements such as jazz, film and circus festivals, ice show «Russian ballet»,artistic workshops, a number of exhibitions including on the history of the festival movement, world achievements in science and culture and many others.

You can become a participant of the Festival if your age is from 18 to 35 years, you have an active life position and belong to one of these categories:

leaders of youth NGOs

young journalists

creative, artistic young people (musicians, writers, artists, etc.)

leaders of sports clubs and young sportsmen

young engineers

leaders of youth organizations of political parties

young university teachers

leaders of student movement

young scientists

young entrepreneurs


young foreigners who study Russian language and are interested in Russian culture.

For more information and applying please see http://russia2017.com/en/