Diplomats' Day

On February 10, the Russian Foreign Ministry marks Diplomats' Day, which was established by Russian Presidential Executive Order No. 1279 of October 31, 2002. This holiday unites staff members of the central administrative office of the Foreign Ministry, foreign missions and representative offices in the Russian Federation's regions. Every day, Russian diplomats solve issues related to securing the interests of our country and its citizens in the international arena, seeking solutions to conflicts and crises and responding to the global challenges of today's world.

Russian diplomats will celebrate their professional day at work, reviewing the intermediate results of their activities and analysing the goals set to them by their leadership. International relations, sadly, remain strained and global challenges remain acute. Competition in all areas is increasing at a turning point of global development. Hotbeds of conflicts are merging into large zones of instability. There is a growing gap between levels of welfare of different countries and regions, and cultural and civilisational contradictions are growing. 

Despite the challenges, Russia's position on the international arena is becoming stronger. Russia is taking an active part in developing the global agenda, and strengthening its status as a major guarantor of stability and security in the modern world. Russia's principled stance in favour of the rule of law, justice and collective approaches to solving pressing international issues is gaining more and more supporters.

The Russian Foreign Ministry is fully committed to promoting the country's independent foreign policy in accordance with its historical traditions, culture and civilisational role. The intensity of work by ministry agencies is growing. Russian diplomacy is becoming more open as regards information and innovation and its performance is improving.

Our professional day is also a symbol of continuity in the Russian Foreign Ministry's history and the indissoluble link between generations. Traditionally, a wreath-laying ceremony is taking place in the lobby of the Foreign Ministry building at the memorial plaques commemorating our colleagues and friends - diplomats and diplomatic couriers who lost their lives during WWII, became victims of political repression, or were killed while on duty. To our deep regret, last year, the name of Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, who was killed in a heinous act of terror, was added to this sorrowful list. Wreaths arealso laid at the graves of renowned Russian diplomats who were buried in Russia and abroad.